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Farm & Ranch - as a horse owner, you have special needs from your insurance carrier.  Did you know that not all homeowner companies provide coverage if you have horses?  And they likely will not provide any coverage if you have any business pursuits.  Board any horses -
even for just a friend?  Then you need special coverage.  Call to discuss your needs - covering your home & barn & other buildings, liability coverage, and care/custody/control.

Personal Home & Auto coverage - you have alot of money invested in your car and your posessions.  Whether you own your home or rent, you have clothing, furniture, and special things that you would want replaced in the event of a loss.  In order to have access to more markets, I have affiliated with Inland Northwest Insurance. They have many years in the insurance industry and are committed to ensuring that we get you the best product for the price.
Earthquake Insurance
While damaging earthquakes in the Northwest are fortunately uncommon, they do exist.  Your homeowner's policy excludes damage caused by an earthquake & so you need separate earthquake insurance to cover those losses.  Contact us for more information, or to get a no obligation quote click here:
NOTE:  You will need to have your homeowners insurance policy available so you can easily provide your Coverage A Dwelling Limit (or Coverage C for Condo) from your current homeowners insurance policy.
Mailing Address

1324 N. Liberty Lake Rd., #167
Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Tel:  509-638-2558


Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm



Available anytime by appointment
or 24 hours a day for emergencies


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