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Zone One                      INPHC
class list:  Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday    Sunday

Hunt Seat Eq                                                                                Hunt Seat Eq

Horsemanship - revised 8/5                                                      Horsemanship

                                        Showmanship (same for both shows)

Trail                                                                                                Trail

Western Riding (patterns 2 & 4)                                                Western Riding (pattern 1)

Utility Driving                                                                   Utility Driving

                                 Working Hunter (same for both shows)

                                 Hunter Hack (same for both shows)

Reining (pattern 8)                                                                       Reining (pattern 7)

Ranch Pleasure (pattern 3)                                              Ranch Pleasure (pattern 5)

Ranch Trail                                                                      Ranch Trail 

Ranch Riding (pattern 9)                                                 Ranch Riding (pattern 15)

Ranch Reining (pattern 3)                                               Ranch Reining (pattern 2)

Click header above for form.

  • Return pages 1 & 2 as your initial reservation for all the people included in your group

  • Note the opening date for reservations at the top of page 1

  • Credit card will hold the reservation for all the stalls you are reserving but will not be charged at this time (there is a different form you will submit once your stalls/RV have been assigned to have other individuals pay)

  • Please read the entire form for rules & stall prices

Click header above for form.

Use this form once your stall and/or RV has been assigned to let the Horse Park who will be paying for which stall and/or RV if the card on the initial reservation is not the card paying the entire bill

Mailing Address

1324 N. Liberty Lake Rd., #167
Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Tel:  509-638-2558


Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm



Available anytime by appointment
or 24 hours a day for emergencies


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